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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fashion Guide: Summer Weddings

      Since we are about to plunge into the long days of summer, I thought it'd be helpful to discuss something that will befall most of us this time of year: weddings. Everyone knows that Spring/Summer are the seasons for nuptials and chances are you probably will be attending one or two (If you haven't already). Read my 5 points that will keep you prepared and polished from the chapel to the cake. 

1. Dress Code- Pay close attention to the invitation because it will give you an indication of what to wear. If the wedding says "Formal Attire" in cursive, you're going to need to dry clean that suit. If the wedding is a beach wedding you could stay more casual (short sleeve button up with khakis or nice polo shirt with chinos)."Black Tie" means rent (or purchase) a tuxedo. Please don't cut corners because it could have you standing out for all the wrong reasons. 

2. Color- This is very important. The invitation won't say "The bridesmaids are wearing lime."However, if you see that there is lime script and a lime ribbon bow on the lime bordered stationary, it's safe to say, you should stay away from wearing lime for the event. It would be very awkward to be mistaken for a member of the wedding party, or worse, the wait staff (yes, some brides color coordinate everything.)

3. Functionality- What are you going there to do? Are you someone who wants to sit in your seat all night or are you a party animal who will be tearing up the dance floor? You will need to take all of this into account when deciding on what you will be wearing to the wedding. For example, more fitted pants will not be your friend if you like to dance and neither will certain dress shoes. 

4. Fit- This one is pretty simple and goes along with number 3. You should make sure that your suit, tux, etc is tailored to your body. Please don't borrow your father's suit if he's 3 sizes bigger than you. You will look like you're being swallowed alive. Also, make sure that when and if you're tucking in your shirt that is stays tucked once you're seated. The ceremony can be lengthy and you don't want the guests behind you having to stare at crack hills for an hour. Many plus size shirts are big but tend to be short in length. Try looking for one also labeled "Tall" or "XLT" at the end meaning "extra large tall."

5. Be Prepared- Please remember that you are human and that accidents happen. You may completely stain your shirt during cocktail hour, or rip your pants dancing to The Electric Slide. It would be wise to carry a spare shirt (with similar tie) and pants in the car. You feel your best when you look your best and that's kind of impossible to do with your underwear exposed to a room of a hundred people. 

Have you received a wedding invitation yet?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 Tips: Conquering Your Shopping Nerves

     Story time! You walk into a new chic store with a mission to find something great to wear. As you flip through the racks your hands get clammy as you hunt for your size. As you get closer to the end of the rack (where the larger sizes tend to be) you begin to sweat profusely and feel like everyone in the store is watching and judging you. Sounds familiar? Well, you're not alone. Many guys get nervous when they go shopping, especially men of a bigger size. Luckily, I'm going to give you five tips that will hopefully keep you calm, cool and dry. 

1. Realize: No one is looking at you! I know you may believe the entire store from the sales associates to the children shopping with their mothers are looking but they aren't. They are too busy doing the thing you should be doing: shopping. Don't believe me? Just survey the room and you'll realize its all in your head.

2. Dress Great, Feel Great! I know it may sound odd to wear nice clothes to go buy more nice clothes, but trust me it will make you feel better. Not only will it make you feel like you belong in that trendy store, but it will send a message to any floor workers that: you know what you're doing, you don't need desperately help, you know your body so, they can go help someone else. 

3. Carry A Handkerchief. If you know you sweat, carry something to wipe off your face, hands and any other locations. Not only will you save yourself from looking like Frosty when the sun comes out, but it will give you the opportunity to incorporate a new accessory thats functional yet fashionable. Stopping the sweating early will help stop the snowball effect of feeling more and more and more uncomfortable. 

4. Just Try It On! Don't take the size on the tag as the final verdict. Different designers and brands cut their clothes differently so, if you like it take it to the fitting rooms and just try it on. There you will be able to see if the clothes fit, how they fit and if you even like it. Please don't just buy it because you'd rather "try it in the comfort of your own home." If it doesn't work for you, put it back like everyone else does. This is the joy of shopping, no pressure, no commitments. 

5. Come Prepared. If you don't like any of my tips above, just do some research. Most retailers keep their inventory updated and you will be able to see if a store has your size in stock or not. This can save you gas and time. Also, shopping with certain items in mind will keep you from becoming overwhelmed by all the racks in the store. Coming in knowing what you're there for will eliminate any nerves or anxiety you previously had. 

Do you get nervous when shopping?

FCF is on Instagram

       During spring break I went back home to Miami and finally got my phone's camera fixed. To celebrate the occasion, I finally created an Instagram account. So please follow and share @WesleyFCF !!! And don't forget to #FCF your fashion pictures. 

The New Waist

      Many people wonder and ask "Where should I wear my pants?" We know that the natural waist is right below the bottom rib and most times either at or just above the naval. However this tends to look awkward for bigger guys because most of their paunch is stuffed into their pants, making you look like this: 

     Though anatomically correct, this has always looked awkward to me. It also poses another issue; however is one supposed to use the restroom when the fly is located over your stomach? It is quiet miraculous that this gentleman found a pair of jeans with such a high rise (space between the waistband and start of the inseam). Most pants in western fashion have low rises. The crotch being so close to the waistband makes it virtually impossible to pull up the pants that far up, unless you plan on castration. Hey, you have to suffer for fashion. Just kidding! 

     Well, I can't really blame you. One can only wear what they can find and so you end up wearing jeans like this: 

     ...WHICH, I honestly don't find anything wrong with once you put your shirt down. But the issue does occur when you turn around or bend down to reveal the inevitable "Plumber Butt" and someone yells out "Crack Hills." (A problem I've had and one that a belt doesn't fix.)

So, what is the solution?

     Wear suspenders. Once again, I am just kidding; don't wear suspenders. Thank goodness there are some wonderful companies that allow you to create your own custom pants if you really want to.  One site being which is great because you can customize your jeans, slacks and even leather pants. I have yet to try them out, but I sure do plan on it especially since jeans start at $49. 

     But, if custom pants isn't your thing or you're weary of online clothes shopping, then maybe you just haven't found the right fit yet. If you need help please refer to our Find your Fit post. 

How and where do you like to wear your pants?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FCF Comeback

     I know it has been a while since I have posted anything here, but I have returned to FCF to blog my heart away. Thank you to those who still checked the page during my absence. I hope to be making some new videos soon, covering some shopping hauls, reviewing products and (hopefully) giving some things away. So check back soon and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE Fat Chap Fashion with everyone you know. Thank you.

What would you like to see on Fat Chap Fashion?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fashionably In Love

     Let's face it...whether you're a college freshman and have been dating that special someone for 2 months or in your 30s and this is your babe of 3 years, Valentine's Day is the biggest day of the year for your relationship. And whether or not you want to, you must dress to impress, because she or he will be doing the same (even if you have to dig a few layers). Here are a few helpful fashion tips to insure things run smoothly from the roses till dessert. 

     Since most of you reading this are planning Thursday's festivities, you should already have an idea on whether the day/night will be formal or informal. Please communicate this to your date so that you are not over or underdressed. 
  • Formal: A nice pair of slacks (lighter colors for daytime i.e. khaki, darker colors for evening i.e. black or navy) and a long sleeved button-up shirt (stripes or some pattern - not plaid - are always good if you don't want to wear a tie) If you are wearing the shirt with NO TIE and leave the top two buttons open (it will elongate your neckline making you look taller and slimmer.) Appropriate socks and dress shoes. 
  • Informal: A good pair of dark-rinse denim (leave the faded/light rinse and/or torn jeans at home) and a solid color polo or long sleeve v-neck sweater. Casual footwear (boat shoes for daytime, casual lace-ups, etc.) Leave the basketball sneakers and sandals at home (unless theres a moonlit walk on the beach, then carry them along).
  • For Both: Its always a good idea to carry a nice button-up cardigan or casual blazer (sweater vests may also look nice.) This way if it gets too warm or too cold for you (or your date) you can easily remove, add, or share without much fuss.
How do you plan on spending Valentine's Day?

Sunday, February 10, 2013


      For all of you music lovers and those in the twittersphere (just about everyone), Fat Chap Fashion will be tweeting live about the 55th Annual Grammy Awards starting at 5pm EST. Everything from E!'s Pre-Show and Red Carpet to the actual awards and after shows. So please, tweet us your comments and opinions and tell your friends. It will truly be entertaining.